Through a genesis sale of coins on the network, ContractNet can create and fund the development of foundational technologies for years to come, ensuring sustainable growth and scalability of the ContractNet far into the future.



  • Create a blockchain and foundational tech that is best suited to IoT (Done)
  • Website / Technical Whitepaper finalized (Done)
  • Official Launch of CNET Web Wallet and Token sale -Q1 2018 (Done)
  • FSolidM launched to further secure Smart Contracts -Q2 2018
  • Oracle Hub launched, including developer tools to create oracles, and technical how-to's for getting IoT devices to communicate with Dapps - Q3 2018

More to Achieve

Website and Whitepaper Launch - Q1 2018

Official launch of Contractnet web explorer – Q1 2018

Official Launch of web Wallet and Token Sale – Q1 2018 (Done)

Users will be able to download Node, Miner and Desktop Wallet software. In addition, investors will be able to acquire ICO tokens. Creating and maintaining a core, cross-platform, desktop wallet will be the primary focus of the development team. Users can use the ContractNet’s desktop wallet client as a primary, secure wallet for making transactions on the ContractNet, as well as allowing the user to increase the decentralization of the network by running a full node and becoming a peer on the network.

FSolidM Implemented – Q2 2018

FSolidM (see will be implemented to further secure smart contracts.

Foundational (Online) Wallet – Q2 2018

Development will follow the principles set forth by Satoshi’s vision of decentralization and transparency. As such, the team will work to support open source and experimental development on the ContractNet by any developers who wish to enhance the usability of network.

Light Wallet – Q2 2018

The development team will also place a high priority on the creation of a light-weight, browser-based wallet for interacting with both contracts and value transactions on the network.

FSolidM launched to further secure Smart Contracts – Q3 2018

Oracle Hub – Q3 2018

Oracles will be extensions of full nodes that have interfaces to IoT technologies. ContractNet will launch an Oracle Hub of in-house developed plugins for the most common IoT devices. The hub will also provide an opportunity for 3rd party developers to create and share their oracles on the hub, either for free, or for a fee.

Mobile Wallet – Q3 2018

Dapp Browser – Q4 2018

Blockchain – Q4 2018

The Blockchain has already been created and tested and a beta version is in place. The code can be viewed at (

Development Tools and Auxiliary Applications – Q4 2018

ContractNet envisions supporting a community of open source and private developers building mutually beneficial smart contracts and Dapps, and will build robust tools that aid in the testing, securing and deploying of smart contracts and Dapps. Some of these will include:

  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Blockchain Test net
  • Automated Testing Framework
  • Oracles for different needs

Payment Merchant/Gateway – Q4 2018

Contract Net will act as a third-party payment processor for businesses. We will develop the required merchant tools, and will charge transaction fees for acting as a payment processor.

Future prospects and upgradations - 2019

ContractNet is built to be modular and upgradable at the protocol level, while technical advancement will primarily need to be at the software level during the early stages of the network. The future :

  • Upgrade to proof-of-stake should it prove to be a better option.
  • Scalability solutions as adoption of the network increases on a global scale.
  • Further developer tools, mining pools/software and light weight clients
  • Regular technical blogs